The Great Gatsby and Looking For Alaska


While writing my post about song connections, a few days ago, I was thinking about other fiction books and how they relate to The Great Gatsby. As I was thinking, I realized that the book, Looking For Alaska by John Green, is similar to The Great Gatsby. Here are my connections…

1. Both books are written in the past tense

In Looking For Alaska , Miles Halter, the main character, tells the story of how he met Chip and Alaska Young, just like the way Nick Carraway told the story of how he met Jay Gatsby and the Buchanans.

2. The characters in both books do illegal things

In The Great Gatsby, everyone drinks alcohol including Nick, Jordan, and the Buchanans despite it being during the time of the prohibition. In Looking For Alaska, Miles, Chip, Alaska, and a few other characters drink alcohol, despite being under 21 years old, and they take drugs.


3.One of the main characters in each book dies

In Looking For Alaska, Alaska dies in a car crash and in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby gets shot by Wilson, a man who thought that Gatsby ran over and killed his wife, Myrtle, when it was actually Daisy Buchanan who ran over Myrtle.


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